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Kobe Pearl Souq, officer a wide variety of gorgeous pearl product at reasonable price.
  • IS-13 Baby Akoya&Akoya Necklace SV 42cm 8x3m/m
  • TS-584 South Sea Pearls Design Necklace SV 7x13m/m
  • F-438 Akoya Natural Bracelet SV 7-8m/m
  • M-158 South Sea Pearl Pendant SV 11-12m/m
  • M-157 South Sea Golden Pearl Pendant SV 11-12m/m
  • M-168 South Sea Pearls Pierced Earrings SV 9m/m
  • C-204 Umihotaru Design Bracelet SV 7-7.5m/m 20cm
  • IS-28 South Sea Pearls Keshi Pendant WG
  • TS-583 Tahitian Choker SV 11x9m/m With earrings & Peacock Certificate